Tune In This Week “Writers on Writing” Radio Show Interview with David E. Kirkland

Tune In this Week

Sunday, July 28, 2019

“Writers on Writing” Radio Show

Interview with David E. Kirkland

with Dr. Brenda M. Greene, Executive Director

The Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College, CUNY

Sunday, July 28, 2019

7:00 PM – 7:30 PM

WNYE 91.5 FM

Listen to WMEC Radio: http://wmec.mec.cuny.edu

Originally aired May 29, 2016.


About the Episode   

Dr. Brenda M. Greene interviews Dr. David Kirkland, author of A Search Past Silence: The Literacy of Young Black Men. Dr. Greene and Dr. Kirkland discuss his background and work with Black males and literacy, and urban education. They also discuss the motivation and the study behind the book that explores the complexities and sensitivities that surround young Black males that are often overlooked.


About the Author

David E. Kirkland is an associate professor of English and Urban Education at NYU. He taught middle and high school in Michigan and has also organized youth empowerment and mentoring programs for more than a decade. Dr. Kirkland has received numerous awards, including the 2008 American Educational Research Association Division G Outstanding Dissertation Award. He was a 2009–10 Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, a 2011–12 NAEd/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, and is a former National Council of Teachers of English CNV Fellow. His most recent publications include Black Skin, White Masks: Normalizing Whiteness and the Trouble with the Achievement Gap; English(es) in Urban Contexts: Politics, Pluralism, and Possibilities; and We Real Cool: Examining Black Males and Literacy. Kirkland’s fifth book, A Search Past Silence: The Literacy of Black Males, is a TC Press bestseller and winner of the 2014 AESA Critics Choice Award and a 2014 NCTE David H. Russell Award.