Photo Gallery: JOK Reading Series “Literary Debuts”

John Oliver Killens Reading Series

Literary Debuts

Daddy’s Basement Bookstore
327 Rogers Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
November 11, 6:60 p.m. at Daddy’s Basement: Ernessa T. Carter, author of 32 Candles; Tanya Wright, author of Butterfly Rising; and Tiphanie Yanique, author of How to Escape from a Leper Colony.


November 11, 2010

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ABOUT Daddy’s Basement Bookstore

Located in the heart of Crown Heights, and one block from Medgar Evers College, Daddy’s Basement Bookstore’s opening is a breath of fresh for community members. “Hooray, for Daddy’s Basement Bookstore!” Says Lory Henning, “I can’t say how thrilled we [are] to find you.”

Proprietors, Shara and Luc Josaphat saw the need in the community for this new venture. Shara is a senior at Medgar Evers College who is majoring in English.  Luc who was the former editor of the College’s newspaper, Adafi, recently graduated from Medgar Evers as an English major.  Shara was leisure editor for the paper and is co-editor of Legacy, the English department’s student literary magazine.

“We feel that we are adding to, and uplifting the diverse fabric of an already thriving neighborhood,” Shara says. “The absence of a community bookstore was apparent.”

The response to the store has been great. “Bookstores, specifically, anchor a neighborhood and bring people together positively,” adds Luc Josaphat.