NBWC2020 Program



The Fifteenth National Black Writers Conference (#NBWC2020) At-A-Glance

Dr. Greene, the NBWC Steering Committee, and the entire CBL family are excited to announce that the theme for the Fifteenth National Black Writers Conference Activism, Race and Identity: Playwrights and Screenwriters at the Crossroads). The theme is born from our awareness of the expanded number of Black playwrights, screenwriters, and storytellers who are documenting issues of politics, social justice, racism, sexual violence, gender discrimination, criminal justice, alienation, miseducation, immigration, and cultural conflicts. Drawing from novels, short stories, memoirs, biography, or from original scripts, Black playwrights, screenwriters, and documentary filmmakers are interrogating their interior lives, their legacies, their traditions, and their collective experiences. A few scheduled conference discussions include: The Role of the Media; Critics and Reviewers in Black Plays and Film; The Impact of Popular Culture and Hip Hop on Black Playwriting & Screenwriting; Transcending Boundaries and Barriers on Stage and Screen; Writing Plays, Films, and Scripts from the Black Gaze; The Playwright & Screenwriter as Activist, and Black Theater and Film: Where Do We Go from Here?

Writers, scholars, literary professionals, students, and the general public will gather over four days to examine the trends and challenges of these topics and more!